Our Business Culture

​01. How We Work:

-We always have a vision.  

-We're always on time. 

-We're always focus.

-We're effective. 

-We're fast and consistent. 

-We problem solve quickly.

-We help each other as a team. 


02. What We Believe: 

-Respect is necessary in our business.

-Constant moving and working in necessary.  

-We believe in sustainability 

-We believe in choices that's why we're here. 

-We believe in counting blessings.  

03.How We Act: 

-We act with virtue.

-We always answer phones. 

-We always help customer as quickly as possible. 

-We love to learn.  

-We like to push each other to be better.   

-We respond with actions not words.  

Who We Are

A. Torres 

A. Torres is the founder and CEO of A. Torres Tuxedos.   He oversight all SBU's of Torres Corporation.

Juan Carlos Torres

Is oldest siblings of the Torres family.  He's also the operational manager where he over sees all duties for sales & rentals nation wide.  

Tuxedo And Formal Wear Rentals in Los Angeles

Our mission is to provide the United States with the best tuxedo rentals for men's formal wear.  We strive to provide our nationwide  customers, clients and nation wide vendors with a specific selected formal wear collection that reflects the desire and needs of today's modern look.  We focus on producing quality and quantity tuxedos for our local and nationwide clients supply to their local community.  

Johanna Torres   

Our Mission

Francisco Gonzalez

Is one of our managers who oversees tuxedo processing and California delivery services.

Maritza Caballero

Is our receptionist and front dest attendant.  She helps with customer services and tuxedo sales.  

A. Torres Tuxedos Rentals & Sales

A. Torres Tuxedo has been serving the Los Angeles Community for over 25 year.  We set a standard for men's formal wear, mens tuxedo, and suits for men by providing personal attention, expertise, value, and modern style.  

We provide a variety of brands and styles to best fit your needs and budget.  We take pride in what we do so you're always guaranteed an easier process while buying or renting tuxedos for your special events.  

We know that buying and renting tuxedos can be really expensive, especially when you need many of them for a handful of family members; however, A. Torres Tuxedos provides value by allowing you to look stylish with our hundreds and hundreds of Tuxedo selections and brands such as Ralph Laure, to Ecko, to Jean Yves, Perry Ellis, and more for a fraction of the cost. 

About Us

Tuxedo wholesale warehouse & sales 

​​​Delivering Value & Style right in the Heart of Los Angeles, California.  

A. Torres Tuxedos